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      With the isopin® we offer an additional customer service from 2021. By scanning the QR code on your Airboard, it can be clearly identified. This provides you with information about your board and accessories. Information on warranty and service can be easily accessed via smartphone. You will also find important information such as rules and further instructions.
      Information tailored to your board is available under "My SUP" or "My Bodyboard". Practical tips and video instructions await you.  You will also find suitable accessories for your board.

      If you register your Airboard, your name and address will automatically be displayed when scanning. Lost or even stolen boards can be reported and found more easily with the registration and the isopin® system.
      (The registration of your SUP does not exempt you from the obligation to label the SUP with your name and address,BSV Art. 16 Abs. 2 Buchstabe und Abs. 3)