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      Wich SUP should i buy?

      There are remarkable differences in performance, stability and durability among inflatable SUP's and testing makes a lot of sense, to find the Board that fits your needs.

      Quality and workmanship
      The price range of inflatable SUP is huge. - Likewise, the differences in quality and workmanship. A simple SUP with single-layer technology - that is, with only one PVC protective layer - is usually enough for the beginner. - However, it should be ensured that the rail (the border) is constructed with two layers. Because this place is the most sensitive. So a SUP can be left lying in the sun or in the worst case tear along the seam.

      Also the load capacity is a crucial point. Some SUPs have a maximum load capacity of less than 100kg. The result: wet feet and a wobbly tilted board.
      Much more robust are so-called "double-layer" SUP. In this technology, the SUP is encased in a second layer of PVC. This makes the SUP more resistant and increases the carrying capacity.

      There are also some things to consider when it comes to accessories. Is the enclosed paddle swimming? - Not all paddles stay on the water surface when they fall into the water. This can be a serious security risk.

      Sustainability and service

      When buying a SUP is to pay attention how it behaves with spare parts. Will I get a replacement soon? Nothing is more annoying than if a paddle clamp or a fin can not be replaced on time.
      Or if something is wrong with the SUP (loss of air, delay, valve defect ...). - Do I have to replace the complete SUP?

      If you buy your SUP from a retailer, you can count on a reliable service. As a rule, defective parts can be replaced at short notice. In the spirit of sustainability.

      iSUP vs. Hardboard

      People without a minivan or a roof rack are better served with an iSUP.

      A hardboard doesn't have to get inflated and is ready immediately.

      The iSUP-Technology allwos a very high stiffness.

      Speed and Gliding
      A harboard is with his individual shape perfect for contests. But also with iSUP there are special shapes for fast speed and good gliding. 

      iSUP are more sturdy than hardboards. High-quality inflatable SUP are equipped with a double layer construction and a reinfoced rail. Hits against bank and shore are no problem. But take care of spiky rocks and broken glass. Leaks are easy to repair.

      There are no big differences in price between iSUP and hardboards. Each type is available between budget and pro.


      If you like to SUP in a river you need a durable double layer SUP that resists to unwanted contacts with a rock, good stability sideways and a length that surfs and turns quick into upstream currents.

      If you look for a long distance touring SUP you look for a long and easy glider which cuts smoothly through waves and silent water.

      To make the right decision when buying, we recommend to take a SUP course or test the different SUP with one of our partners

      To rent a SUP in Switzerland you can also contact us directly - we are able to ship you the rental equipment to your place within 48 hours, or you can pick them from our office.