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      Media Bodyboard 
         Media SUP


      Copyright Provisions
      Fun-Care AG is the operator of the image database on with a wide selection of images as well as press texts. All images of the database are copyright reserved by the coypright owners (photographers and contributing persons). The images of the image database may be used only for media relations or print products on the express order of Fun-Care AG or their partners of the photo pool.
      The use of the images for any other purpose (internet, external promotion, own products, etc.) is strictly prohibited unless there is an explicit written permission of the copyright owner including additional costs. Any further usage of the received images is forbidden.
      Without the written consent of the copyright owner (photographer and/or Fun-Care AG) the images may not be altered digitally or conventionally.
      Image productions for media relations must include the copyright notice (name of the photographer, the teamrider, etc.). In case the copyright notice cannot appear directly next to or below the image production, it must be placed in such manner as to be identified clearly.