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      The following rules describe what you need to keep in mind when stand-up paddling. The information is based on the Swiss Inland Navigation Ordinance (INO). There may be regional or country-specific deviations. 


      Life jacket
      From 300m away from the shore a buoyancy aid with min. 50N drive must be carried. (Standard SN EN ISO 12402-5: 2006)



      Label SUP
      The SUP must be labeled with the name and address of the owner.



      Paddling at night

      A light must be attached to the SUP at twilight or in the dark (visible all around)



      Wearing a leash increases security. - Especially in strong winds. For Rivers standard leahes are not recommended. (Special leash available)



      Storm warning
      In the event of a storm warning (flashing light on the bank faster than 60 seconds), the water must be left immediately.




      Precedence rules
      The following are entitled: course ships, freight ships, professional fishermen and sailing ships.



      Prohibited zones

      Zones marked with yellow buoys may not be used. Keep at least 25m away from aquatic plants such as reeds or water lilies.