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      For 20 years, Airboard has specialized in inflatable sports products. With innovation, comprehensive know-how and passion for the cause, a versatile product range is available. For every condition we offer the right inflatable SUP board.

      In 2001, after 10 years of development, a new winter sport emerges under the brand name Airboard®. In the first years Airboard® is recognised with numerous international awards and the snow bodyboards are distributed worldwide.
      To the Snow-Bodyboards

      In 2019, Airboard surprised the SUP community at the Paddle Expo with a new innovation: the Ultralight Edition. The weight and pack size has been reduced by 50% thanks to the latest materials and a sophisticated folding system.
      The concept also includes the PumpBag, which serves as the SUP carry bag, a dry bag and as a volume inflation pump. An additional innovation that year was the PumpPaddle, which can also be used as a high-pressure pump..
      Products of the Ultralight Edition

      In 2016, Airboard stunned the SUP scene with a completely new shape. The dolphin-like nose of the Airboard® ROCKET simulates a displacement hull with as little water resistance possible at the tip of the SUP. With this shape the water is displaced to the side in a wedge shape. Initially it takes getting used to for some paddlers, this particular nose shape has proven itself and established itself in the airboard range. The "Rocket-Nose" can now be found on various racing, touring and expedition SUPs.
      Products with Rocket Nose

      Light and compact. - A SUP sail can be carried at any time and is ready for use within seconds.
      When packed in itself the SUP sail is reduced to a minimum size yet still has an extremely large sail area. The SUP can be steered by tilting and turning the sail. The sail can be held in the hand or is looped through the paddle.
      To the SUP-Sails

      The growing trend in the number of Stand Up Paddlers is critically observed especially by nature associations. – Exclusion zones have already been imposed to protect wildlife. This moved fun-care AG to launch a new web app that shows Stand Up Paddlers as well as other water sports enthusiasts important information such as access points, protected areas or closed zones.
      The app also offers a selection of restaurants, hotels and campsites that are easily accessible via the water. Furthermore, tourist information such as points of interest, live cams and weather reports are integrated.
      To the Web-App:

      Airboard has dedicated an entire SUP line to this innovation.
      The SKYLINE SUP is available in four different lake designs. By scanning the QR code on the SUP, you can go directly to the corresponding lake on the app.
      To the Airboard SKYLINE SUP


      From 2023 we will be using a Quick-Fix Luggage Net on various models. This not only allows the luggage to be tightened properly but it also provides the ability to quickly install (and remove) the new luggage net on the back of the SUP.
      This feature will be gradually added to various models starting in 2023, but can be retrofitted to any SUP.
      SUP with Quick Fix Luggage Rack

      Our 3-piece fiberglass paddle is designed to fit almost any paddler and can be used in a variety of ways. It fits, disassembled into three parts to fit perfectly in the bag, but it also adapts to other needs. For example, it can be used without the middle shaft to be sized as a children's paddle or be used lake a canoe for paddling while sitting or kneeling (e.g. in strong headwinds). With an optionally available additional blade, the paddle can also be expanded to a kayak paddle
      Here you find our paddles

      With the Ultralight SUP we have a new compact US-box mini fin system, Airboard uses the proven international US-box fin system for all other SUPs. This has the advantage that different fins can be used depending on your needs. Whether for sea grass, touring, or river paddling we have the right fin.
      See our fins

      All SUPs with a narrow handle are equipped with an additional "handle grip". This not only makes carrying the SUP more comfortable, the protection can also be easily removed and washed, which is especially appreciated by SUP rental stations.


      Airboard has been trying to reduce the plastic content of packaging to a minimum for years. Since 2020 the SUP packaging is made of recycled paper. Since 2021 instead of disposal plastic bags we pack the pump in a DryBag which is included in the SUP set for free.
      More on sustainability and social interest

      Since 2020 Airboard uses for the SUP transport bags an extremely light and durable material made from recycled beverage bottles.
      See our bags

      When selecting components and accessories for our products, we consciously pay attention to sustainability. A defective pump, valve or paddle does not necessarily have to be disposed of. We have all the spare parts and the know-how to repair nearly all defects. This is good for the environment and your budget.
      More about sustainability and social interest

      More on sustainability and social interest

      The production team of Airboard is also co-founder of GmbH. A workshop that specializes in the repair of inflatable products including  SUP, kayaks and gymnastic mats. In 2 workshops in Switzerland and Germany, leaks are expertly repaired or new accessories are applied.


      Single Layer Woven: This high-tech drop stitch is used in our UltraLight Edition. Tightly woven threads give the material an extremely high stiffness which distinguishes our ultralight SUP STRIDER and HIKE.
      Our Ultralight SUP

      Prelaminated/Fusion Double Layer: With the Prelaminated Double Layer, a second PVC layer is directly welded on during the production of the base material. This modern process not only makes the SUP more robust, it can also save up to 25% weight compared to a conventional Double Layer SUP.
      Our Prelaminated Double Layer SUP

      Glued Heavy-Duty Drop-Stitch: Formerly the standard of a high-quality SUP, this type of processing is still used especially for our whitewater SUPs, which have to withstand a lot of impacts, This construction technique is made for durability and longevity.
      Our Heavy-Duty Wildwasser-SUP

      All our SUPs are produced with a double reinforced sidewall (rail). This makes the SUP less vulnerable for example if you ever hit a rock.
      The only exception is our Ultralight SUP. Here we use a single-wall, fabric-reinforced PVC rail and only double-reinforce the seam. The advantage: The SUP can be rolled extremely compact and some weight is saved. - If handled carefully, a single-layer-rail SUP will last the same amount of time as a double-walled SUP. 

      With the isopin® we offer an additional customer service since 2021. By scanning the QR code on your airboard, it can be clearly personally identified. This way, you receive information and video instructions tailored to your board, as well as suitable accessories.  You will also find important information such as rules and further instructions.
      More about the Isopin