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      1. The Snow-Bodyboard is a winter sport tool.
      2. The Snow-Bodyboard is to be used on secured sledding runs or in especially designated sledding areas only.
      3. Children under 12 years of age should use the Snow-Bodyboard only when accompanied by an adult.
      4. Do not use your Snow-Bodyboard for water sports (it has only one air chamber).
      5. Do not inflate the snow-bodyboard excessively and use solely the provided hand pump in order to prevent the formation of humidity inside the snow-bodyboard.
        Attention: Please note that the air pressure within the Snow-Bodyboard rises with altitude. Therefore, the Snow-Bodyboard should never be completely inflated before arriving at the top. 
        Direct exposure to sun may result in overpressure of the Snow-Bodyboard and cause serious damage.
      6. Avoid contact with pointed or sharp objects such as knives, sharp-edged rocks and stones, climbing-irons, etc. Serious damage might also be caused to your Snow-Bodyboard by exposure to hot objects with temperatures above 40 Celsius.
      7. Always let your Snow-Bodyboard dry before storing, and do not keep it folded for an extended period of time.
      8. Wear sturdy winter shoes or boots and protective clothing when using the Snow-Bodyboard.A full set of protective clothing should include a helmet, goggles, gloves, elbow and knee protection.
      9. Always ride with caution and adapt your speed to the situation. Make sure you are in full control of your Snow-Bodyboard at all times.
      10. The use of your Snow-Bodyboard is entirely at your own risk.