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      Concept SUP Version 2021

      Concrete plans for the further development of the existing Concept SUP were made in autumn 2020. There is not much to complain about the shape, it has proven itself very well. However, there were ideas for side walls to prevent wet feet in the standing area.


      Another finding from the many test drives is: With such a SUP, no pivot turns are made. As a result, the bulky EVA kickpad is also unnecessary.
      Therefore, the kickpad is replaced with a continuous air body which increases the overall stability again. The footprint and position are dimensioned exactly so that you can kneel in the depression and still have some space to the rear to make it easier to turn. 

      The deck pad features a 45° angled straight line cut to allow water to drain away.

      The D-rings are only placed after a few test rides, as the position will depend very much on a new tensioning and carrying system. 
      In addition, a paddle holder for an emergency paddle is integrated, which provides additional stability. 


      Sequel follows ...

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