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      When a Concept SUP is finally here, it must of course be tested on the water immediately. At over 14kg, this construction is well above the weight of an ordinary SUP. But what is much more important here is the stability and performance. 
      With the integrated carbon stringers and the nose pulled towards the middle, the SUP, which is only 4 inches thick and 14 feet long, has a very high level of rigidity.
      Due to its high weight, the SUP behaves a little sluggishly when starting. - But once it's moving, it's almost impossible to stop it.

      What certainly needs rethinking is the bulky kickpad which is a bit bulky for an inflatable SUP. While the SUP doesn't excel in sprints, it proves to be a real talent, especially in the ultra-long distance range. 
      That's how the idea came up to circumnavigate the 25 largest Swiss lakes. - Even together with a race hardboard, the Concept SUP could easily keep up and mastered the circumnavigation of Lake Lucerne in less than 24 hours without any problems.   

      By October 2020, over 1500km had been paddled with the Concept SUP.
      With more than 200 hours on the water, there was enough time to think about further development. - And that will follow in winter 2020/21.

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