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      How do the new developments at Airboard actually come about?
      We have already set various milestones with our SUP. For example with the ROCKET Nose or the ULTRALIGHT Edition. 
      A lot of development work has to be done before a SUP is suitable for the masses and goes into series production. From drawings to semi-finished test SUP to various prototype variants.

      It is also possible that such a model does not prevail or that elements of it are used for later projects.

      Since August 2019, our developers have been working on a two-layer construction that enables a low stand and offers additional safety with 2 air chambers.
      The plan is to create a SUP that is less than 27" wide and can be used for very long tours. A more stable position means less balancing and more energy for paddling.

      Some elements that have proven themselves and can be found in series production, such as the ROCKET Nose, are immediately integrated into such concepts.

      The assembly of such concept SUPs usually takes place in our presence in the workshop, where we also monitor the series production of the regular SUP boards several times a year. On this occasion we can actively participate and make optimizations directly with the workers.

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