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      Some locations worldwide that offer Airboarding

      Beitostolen, Norway 
      Les Echelles, France 
      Vercors, France 
      Davos, Switzerland
      Stoos, Switzerland
      Kappa Club, Japan

      Why offering Airboard?

      Airboarding is easy to learn.
      While skiing or snowboarding for beginners takes months or years to learn, Airboarding is very intuitive and beginners usually only need 30 minutes or less to master snow-bodyboarding.

      Airboarding does not need groomed slopes and requires little snow.
      The Airboard is extremely suitable for freeridîng as well as on pisted slopes. It is possible to ride an Airboard when there is lack of snow. Although not advised, it even works on wet grass.

      Airboard is a safe winter sport.
      Airboarding may look dangerous when riding head first. Because of the control, SKUS (SWISS COMMISSION FOR ACCIDENT PREVENTION ON SNOW SPORTS SLOPES) considers Airboard to be less dangerous than conventional sledges. Statistics says that there are less accidents than with regular sledges.

      Rental, Private or guided Tours
      Airboarding can be rented out to customers on existing slopes at ski resorts or for freeriding. It can be offered as guided tours together with snowshoeing. The 2.5kg board fits easily into a backpack. Once at the top, inflate it, pack away the snowshoes and enjoy the ride.